Performance Reporting

It is LCG’s view that many “off-the-shelf” performance reporting software solutions used in the investment consulting industry leave much to be desired. We have found that truly offering accurate and customized performance reporting to clients requires a system of checks and balances as well as control over the output. It is for these reasons that LCG developed our own proprietary performance reporting system and we maintain a team dedicated to performance reporting. While no two clients are alike, below is a list of performance reporting capabilities that LCG commonly offers to clients:

  • Time-weighted, net-of-fee return calculations
  • Market index comparisons
  • Creation and maintenance of custom benchmarks
  • Net-of-fee peer group comparisons
  • Risk statistics (e.g. standard deviation, beta, semi-deviation, tracking error, etc.)
  • Net-of-fee internal rate of return (IRR), total value to paid in capital (TVPI) and public market equivalent (PME)
  • After-tax performance reporting

Because LCG is a client-focused firm, we believe it is our role to develop solutions that meet our clients’ needs. In instances where LCG clients want reporting capabilities that are not currently offered by our systems, we often create software to meet their needs.